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Beautiful, Useful Things inspired by Country Living.

The Little Country Store is exactly that. A ‘little’ country store!

We are based at Yerecoin, Western Australia, and reside within the Yerecoin Traders General  Store.

We have slowly built up a range of beautiful, useful things that make life easier around your home and garden.

All of our products are hand selected with an emphasis on quality, beauty and everyday practicality; echoing our belief that things should be made to last.

Of course being  based in the country, most of our items have a natural and rustic feel, so that you can connect to country life no matter where you live.

Our brands are ethically sourced, bringing artisanal and handcrafted household products from around the world; products that we believe in; and believe will make a difference to your everyday life.

If you have a product you think matches our philosophy or you are interested in what we do and would like to find out more then please contact us - we would love you to be part of our story.

Our Team

Amanda Walker: chief product discoverer and usefulness assessor.

Chanel Duggan: chief order processor & customer service delight.

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